U P D A T E S // M A R C H March 16 2016

I've been working this Winter on a new fine jewelry collection, plus a few bridal and wedding sets based on my favorite custom pieces featuring raw stones and irregular diamonds. Stay tuned for a ton of shop updates.

Lots of remaining pieces from previous collections are heavily marked down in the shop, and I'll be bringing one of a kind rings with me (also on sale!) to my New York area shows this Spring and Summer. I'll try to get an almost definite list of those up soon! I love meeting you guys at shows!!!

Also in updates.. Mike and I are about to get some pregnant heirloom sows that may or may not have descended from George Washington's pigs, and I am determined to find a Beauty of Moscow Lilac and MAKE IT GROW. We have a very ambitious garden plan this Summer (since we don't have to move twice in a row, unlike last year) so more on how that works out soon.

newly soldered earrings in the studio at fox & castle

freshly soldered

the jeweler + pig, taken by mike

the jeweler + pig, taken by mike