Herkimer Diamond Ring

$ 167.00


please note -- 14K gold filled herkimer diamond rings are currently sold out in the webstore as we make room for new products, but remainders may be available at our upcoming shows. Solid 14K gold rings are available by custom order at info@foxandcastle.net


A double terminated quartz crystal known for extreme clarity and rare inclusions, including phantom crystals, slow formed within slabs of Herkimer County, New York dolostone. The double pointed crystal is widely regarded as a powerful amplifier of spiritual energy and as a purifying meditative tool. We travel upstate to hand pick each stone from a local miner.

No two rings are alike. Each setting is formed to the unique characteristics of the raw stone. Stones may appear fully clear, or with grey to black inclusions. Request a particular stone or let us choose for you.

  • 14K gold fill round 1mm band
14K solid yellow, white or rose gold available by request. please contact info@foxandcastle.net for details.
      Scroll over the image to zoom. We design and manufacture all of our products in our Upstate New York studio. 


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