Raw Tanzanite + Sterling Silver Ring

$ 178.00


Extremely rare and located in just one part of the world, Tanzanite became the official birthstone of December in 2002. One of the youngest gemstones known on Earth, it was discovered in the Mererani Hills of Tanzania near Mount Kilimanjaro in 1967 and can be found no where else. Tanzanite is known for its deep range of color appearing under differing light, from blue to purple to burgundy. 

No two rings are alike. Each setting is formed to the unique characteristics of the raw stone. Stones may appear purple or blue.  Let us choose for you or make a request at info@foxandcastle.net.

  • Sterling silver round finely textured 1mm band
  • Raised four prong setting
  • Stones range from 3mm at longest to 5mm, up to 1 carat in weight 
please note: sizes marked in stock will ship immediately, but stock will not be replenished
    14K solid gold available by request. please contact info@foxandcastle.net for details.
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